Health & Social Development Committee


  • Councillor Jen Ford, Chair
  • Councillor Pete Fry, Vice Chair
  • Councillor Amy Lubik
  • Councillor Lori Mindnich
  • Director Grace McGregor
  • Mayor Sarrah Storey

Terms of Reference

The Health & Social Development Committee oversees health related policy development as it relates to local government interests. The Committee's primary focus is on health promotion and disease prevention initiatives and policy directions that assist communities to be proactive in addressing community health problems. The Committee will continue to address a number of health issues, including: health care funding, rural doctors, representation on Regional Health Authorities, ambulance service, etc.

Policy Development

For detailed information about UBCM's current policy work in this area, please refer to the Health & Social Development policy page.

Staff Support

Marylyn Chiang
Senior Policy Analyst
604 270 8226 ext. 110

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