Convention Theme

UBCM 2024 Convention: Ride the Wave

The agenda before BC’s local governments is unmistakably complex. Beyond the day-to-day duties performed and services provided, heavy and ever-deepening issues abound. We endeavour to stretch limited resources to address a seemingly endless list of competing priorities. We are challenged, without a doubt.

But this is precisely why we come together each year, and what makes our membership thrive. We are on a varied, but collective journey. Our communities’ differences function to bring fresh perspectives to shared obstacles and goals. We generate a unique synergy that unifies and motivates us throughout the year.

This week will present opportunities for us to really make room for the complexity of the tasks at hand. We will fortify relationships to support this work, while collaborating across regions and orders of government. Our discussions will aim to illuminate innovative approaches to persistent issues, from housing affordability and attainability to climate and emergency preparedness. We will develop and advocate for policy positions that counter these pressing issues.

Our gathering in Vancouver presents an opportunity to lean into the challenges before us and foster collective growth and progress. Join us for the 2024 UBCM Convention, where we will amplify our voices and our impact across the province.