Event App

Download the Official UBCM Event App

The official UBCM Convention Event App is now available for download for Apple and Android users. Install the app on your phone to see the Program, networking events, and much more. Once installed, the app can also be used offline without Internet connection.

Two Ways to Access the 2022 UBCM Event Application (App).

1. For Attendees that want to download the App to their phone or mobile devices. 
Click the blue links below to be redirected to an App Store. Search for UBCM 2022. 
Look for the App featuring the 2022 convention theme 'icon' shown above. [TIP#2] Scanning the QR Codes will also redirect you to an App Store. [It's the same process as scanning a QR Code for a menu at a restaurant.]

If you have an Android Phone tap this link or scan this QR code. 

If you have an iPhone or iPad tap this link or scan this QR code.

2. Use the Universal Web Application to open the Event App in a web browser on any device. Click the blue link below to open the UBCM Event App hosted on the EventMobi Platform.

Click or tap this link to access the Web App.

Explore many new functions this year:

  • Customizable calendar
  • Send customized meeting requests to fellow delegates
  • Send chat messages to fellow delegates
  • Take session notes
  • Take session evaluations

To view the app on your desktop, the web version is available at https://eventmobi.com/ubcm2022/ 

We strongly recommend you access the event app on your mobile device in advance of arriving onsite, so you have sufficient time to trouble-shoot with our app support team should you need assistance.  If you have questions or need assistance with the app, please email appsupport@ubcm.ca

Event App sponsored by Ambulance Paramedics and Emergency Dispatchers of BC