Nominations & Elections

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the nominations and elections for the 2021-2022 UBCM Executive will be similar to the process put in place for 2020. Please note that there are new parameters for the video messaging and for campaigning at the 2021 virtual Convention. The deadline for ALL nominations is Friday July 30, 2021 at 4:00pm.


Nominating Committee Report

In response to a Call for Nominations by UBCM's Nominating Committee, the Nominating Committee Report has been prepared and is now available. The results of the 2021 Call for Nominations include elections for Second Vice-President and Director at Large.  Please contact the Chair of the Nominating Committee, Mayor Maja Tait,  for further information about the process.


A Call for Nominations has been issued to local elected officials wishing to serve on the 2021-2022 UBCM Executive. The deadline for all nominations is Friday July 30, 2021 at 4:00pm. 

The Call for Nominations package is available here: Memo, and Appendix A (Nominations Form), Appendix B (Background Info), and Appendix C (Nominations and Elections Procedures for 2021).

UBCM constitutes a Nominating Committee to oversee the nominations process for the UBCM Executive. The 2021 Nominating Committee will consist of the Past President, President and the GVRD/Metro Representative. These members were chosen, as they are not seeking re-election on the UBCM Executive. The members of the 2021 Nominating Committee are:

  • Mayor Maja Tait, Immediate Past President, Chair
  • Councillor Brian Frenkel, President
  • Councillor Craig Hodge, GVRD/Metro Vancouver Representative

As part of the nominations process, the Committee issues a Call for Nominations and reviews the qualifications of each candidate. The Committee issues a report compiling all nominations received by the nominations deadline of Friday, July 30, 2021 at 4:00pm. 

Due to the virtual format of the 2021 Convention, nominations will NOT be accepted off the floor. All interested candidates must submit their nominations by July 31, 2020

Nominations are accepted for the following 13 elected positions on the UBCM Executive:

  • President
  • First Vice-President
  • Second Vice-President
  • Third Vice-President
  • Director at Large (5 positions)
  • Small Community Representative
  • Electoral Area Representative
  • Vancouver Metro Area Representative (2 positions)

Elections are held at the Annual Convention. Candidates will be asked to prepare a pre-recorded 2-minute video speech, that will be subsequently uploaded to the virtual Convention website for viewing by Convention delegates. Please note in the call for nominations, the new 2021 parameters for the video messages. 


For further information about the nominations and elections process, please contact:

Marie Crawford
General Manager, Richmond Operations
604 270 8226 ext. 104