Local Government Financial Review Working Group

For years, UBCM has advocated for changes to the finance system to respond to key cost drivers affecting local governments, including attainable housing, community safety, and climate change. Policy papers and resolutions endorsed at Convention led to select committees on government finance being established, each producing a report with recommendations on how to improve local government finances.

The Local Government Financial Review Working Group was created as a forum for Provincial staff and UBCM to work together to strengthen the local government finance system in BC, using the reports as a foundation. The group meets bi-weekly to develop policy aimed at strengthening the local government finance system in BC.

Working Group reports and resources

Ensuring Local Government Financial Resiliency, 2021: A report from the Select Committee on Local Government Finance that makes 20 recommendations towards finance system modernization. This report is being used as a guide for the Working Group.

Interim Report, August 2023
Interim Report, August 2022
Principles for Strengthening Local Government Financial Health
Capital Cost Examples
New Economy Metrics
Memorandum of Understanding on Local Government Financial Resiliency, January 2022
Working Group Terms of Reference, Spring 2022

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