Asset Management

With the approval of the Renewed Agreement in 2014, all signatories agreed that strengthening local governments’ capacity to undertake asset management is integral to building strong cities, communities and regions. The approach to asset management identified by the Agreement is in strong alignment with Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A BC Framework. In addition to the BC Framework, 4 Sustainable Service Delivery Primers have been developed, and further support asset management practices with respect to;

Asset management is an integrated process, bringing together skills, expertise and activities of people; with information about a community’s physical assets; and finances; so informed decisions that support sustainable service delivery can be made.

To achieve sustainable service delivery, it is necessary that local governments assess, plan, and implement asset management practices that are tailored to the specific needs and capacity of individual local governments.

Prince George Cameron St Bridge
City of Prince George, Cameron Street Bridge

Reports and Surveys

As part of the required reporting and the asset management requirements within the Agreement, in May 2016, UBCM launched the Phase 1 Asset Management Assessment Form - Baseline Survey collecting responses from all 189 local governments in BC. While each local government provided discrete data, this report describes cumulative data only.

Status of Asset Management in British Columbia: Results from the 2016 Gas Tax Fund Asset Management Baseline Survey

2016 Phase 1 Asset Management Assessment Form - Baseline Survey

Tools and Resources

Additional tools and resources are available to local governments through Asset Management BC, a leader in building awareness, education, and  supporting collaboration between local governments on the path towards sustainable service delivery.

The tools and resources provided can be used to support local governments with the development and implementation of asset management.

Be sure to visit UBCM’s Local Government Program Services for information on Asset Management Planning Grants.