2021 UBCM Kick-Off Networking Night

UBCM’s Kick-Off Networking Night | Monday, September 13th | 6:00 – 8:00 PM

What is one of the integral elements of the in-person UBCM Convention that always makes it memorable? An obvious answer is the face-to-face networking during the traditional UBCM Welcome Reception. But amidst the pandemic, 2021 will once again not be like our previous Conventions. We all know there is no replacing genuine in-person meet-ups, where people mingle and move around the room together.

This year UBCM Delegates will experience an innovative, immersive virtual networking experience that is THE next-level, best thing - it's called Spatial Chat.

Given the Convention's overarching theme of Obstacles to Opportunities, we've assembled a diverse group of thought-provoking speakers to challenge, inspire and push the limits of your thinking. They hail from varying backgrounds with deep passions ranging from Technology and Leadership to Child Care Advocacy, Pandemic Burnout and Resiliency. Join this incredible group of creators, connectors and leaders to learn how as individuals we may grow, and explore how we might all live and work together better with the ultimate goal of impacting and uplifting our communities.

Once you’ve participated in these engaging 10-minute presentations and quick-fire Q&A sessions on the main stage, you’ll be ready to mix and mingle!

Delegates will easily maneuver their avatars to the various break-out rooms. You'll enjoy and experience a virtual social setting that so closely recreates our real-life interactions. This Networking Night not only promises to be informative, it will be frivolously fun and a far cry from the same old zoom rooms! The platform features face-to-face two way video communication with your fellow delegates and allows you to move around the “room” to join different conversations as you go. We'd also like to shine a special spotlight on CUPEBC, our Headline Sponsor for this exceptional event.

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