Session Proposal Process

The session proposal process for the 2022 UBCM Convention is now closed.  The deadline to submit a proposal was Friday, June 3rd.  If you submitted a proposal you will hear back from UBCM on July 22nd.  

There are two opportunities for session participation at the 2022 Convention: workshops and clinics. Please refer to the session details and tips offered below prior to submitting a proposal.


These are limited to four sessions of approximately two hours. While some proposals are accepted as submitted, preference is given to those that have multi-party participation. UBCM will review such proposals and may suggest combining them with other proposals that have similar themes.


These are early morning sessions of 45 minutes in length that generally involve a presentation by a group to a small audience of delegates. Typically, five clinics are offered on Tuesday and four to five each on Wednesday and Thursday. Approximately 15 clinics are held, making this the best opportunity for inclusion in the Convention program.

Proposal Guidelines

The proposal submission process is comprised of the following steps:

  • Call for proposals: April 20
  • Proposals received until June 3
  • Convention Committee deliberates: July 14
  • Proponents are informed of results by July 22. Please do not contact UBCM about results before this date. 
  • Successful applicants must confirm their session description and list of presenters with UBCM by August 4th, for inclusion in the Convention program booklet
  • Presenters must agree to submit all PowerPoint and multimedia files for their presentation to the Convention Presentation Management upload site no later than September 1.

Writing your Session Description

Please write a session description and session title that UBCM delegates would read in the Convention program booklet when determining which clinics and workshops to attend at the 2022 UBCM Convention. The session description must not exceed 125 words in length. The session description and title is required when submitting your session proposal to the Convention Committee.  Successful applicants must submit their final session description and title to UBCM by August 4 for inclusion in the Convention program booklet.


  1. Proposals must be submitted following the application process provided by UBCM. Submissions sent in any other format will not be accepted.
  2. UBCM will accept applications until June 3.
  3. The application must be completed online.
  4. All questions/fields of the online application form must be completed.
  5. All successful applicants must provide a properly labeled electronic copy of their presentation to the Presentation Management System no later than September 1. Once uploaded, the presenter must inform their UBCM contact person. Information on accessing this website will be provided by the UBCM staff contact person assigned to each successful applicant.
  6. These requirements apply to all proposals, including those from UBCM staff, UBCM Committees and external groups.

Committee Decision

The Convention Committee will carefully weigh all final proposals to determine which contribute the most to delegate knowledge and contain subject matter currently relevant to local governments. Proponents will be informed of the Committee's decisions by July 22.  

Once accepted, proponents must commit to having a clinic/workshop description and title complete by August 4, should the initial application description not be sufficient. This final description will be published in the convention program. The description must be 125 words or less in length.

Should proponents fail to meet the program description deadline, the Committee may substitute with another proposal.