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Year Sort descending NumberResolution TitleConvention DecisionSponsor(s)
2020C16De-Centralizing Forest ManagementNot Admitted for DebateNorth Cowichan
2020EB73Business Licensing Authority for Regional DistrictsEndorsedSunshine Coast RD
2020NR41Closing Federal Corporate Tax Loopholes to Fund Climate-Related Adaptation and MitigationNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveNelson
2020NR10Increased Funding for Provincial Police Resources Along the Trans-Canada Highway CorridorNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveRevelstoke
2020NR42Venting Index Requirement and Efficiency of BurnsNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveOkanagan-Similkameen RD
2020EB31Accessibility Guarantee for Passenger Directed VehiclesEndorsedVancouver
2020NR25Congestion PricingNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveNorth Vancouver District
2020NR71Tiny Home LegitimizationNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveSquamish
2020NR21Vegetation Control Along PowerlinesNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveCariboo RD
2020EB74Ambulance ServicesEndorsedChetwynd
2020NR16Flood Risk Mitigation Through Green Infrastructure Natural AssetsNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveLMLGA Executive
2020EB60Mandatory Signage for Bear TrapsEndorsedMaple Ridge
2020SR4Recovery and Rebuild of Public Transit in BCEndorsedUBCM Executive
2020EB1Regulation of Soft Plastics and Other Packaging MaterialsEndorsedNorth Cowichan
2020NR46Marine DebrisNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveSunshine Coast RD
2020EB39Access to Infrastructure Grant Funding for Improvement DistrictsEndorsedCentral Kootenay RD
2020EB23Funding for Local Government Infrastructure Upgrades as a Result of Highway ConstructionEndorsedChase
2020NR78Citizenship CeremoniesNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveSummerland
2020NR36Reducing Truck Pollution on Residential-Adjacent Commercial Transport Trucking RoutesNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveVancouver
2020NR4Green RoofsNot EndorsedNorth Vancouver District