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Year Sort descending NumberResolution TitleConvention DecisionSponsor(s)
2020EB83Coordinated Strategy to Address LiveaboardsEndorsedIslands Trust
2020NR75Streamline Building Officials Certification ProcessNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveNanaimo RD
2020NR64A Strategy for Rural Economic Development Through Health CareNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveKaslo
2020NR30Places of Public Worship Tax ExemptionsNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveRadium Hot Springs
2020EB50Protection of British Columbia Watercourses from Invasive Aquatic SpeciesEndorsedChase
2020C5Election Finance Contribution LimitsNot Admitted for DebateVancouver
2020NR54A Provincial Extended Producer Responsibility Program for Cigarettes and Vaping ProductsNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveDelta
2020C11Regulate Sale and Installation of Fossil Fuel InfrastructureNot Admitted for DebateSquamish
2020EB72Geothermal Exploratory Drilling RegulationsEndorsedValemount
2020EB67Forestry Economic DownturnEndorsedVanderhoof
2020EB51Sustainable Funding for Watershed StewardshipEndorsedVanderhoof
2020EB12Collaborative Wildfire MitigationEndorsedCentral Kootenay RD
2020EB61Cumulative Effects of Land Use DecisionsEndorsedSunshine Coast RD
2020EB5Police Services Model of FundingEndorsedLantzville
2020NEB16Voting Rights for Alternate DirectorsNot EndorsedNanaimo RD
2020NR31Taxation of Group 4 Independent SchoolsNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveKimberley
2020EB75Increased Funding for Health Connections Patient TransportEndorsedSparwood, Creston
2020NR53Hazardous Materials Recycling RegulationNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveOkanagan-Similkameen RD
2020C6Election Finance ReportingNot Admitted for DebateVancouver
2020NR72Safety Requirements for Existing Secondary SuitesNot Considered - Automatic Referral to ExecutiveDelta