Regional Hospital Districts

UBCM members have sought changes to the funding model for regional contributions toward health capital projects. Regional Hospital Districts continue to be a focus area for the Health and Social Development Committee in 2022/23.

UBCM helped draft two Regional Hospital District (RHD) Cost Sharing Reviews in 2003 and 2009.

In 2003, Sierra Systems was hired by the Ministry of Health to conduct a review of the cost-sharing processes between the Ministry of Health, Health Authorities and RHDs. The review examined the appropriate role for RHDs in capital planning and contribution decisions; and the capital process concerns of each party. The report offered 15 recommendations.

In 2008 and 2009, UBCM worked with the Ministry of Health to commission a report to review the status of the implementation of recommendations from the 2003 Cost Sharing Review. This report offered 13 recommendations. Implementation of the recommendations has not been completed, specifically with respect to updating legislation to reflect a new definition of capital.

2003 RHD Cost-Sharing Review
2007 RHD Meeting and Consultation
2007 Convention Session Backgrounder
2009 RHD Cost-Sharing Review
2009 Convention Presentation on Workplan
2010 Convention Presentation Part 1: RHD Update
2011 Convention Presentation