Presidents Committee

Committee Members
  • Councillor Trish Mandewo, President
  • Director Art Kaehn, First Vice President
  • Councillor Wes Graham, Second Vice President
  • Councillor Jenna Stoner, Third Vice President
  • Councillor Jen Ford, Past President
  • Councillor Craig Hodge, Metro Vancouver Representative
Terms of Reference

The Presidents Committee holds overall management responsibility for UBCM affairs between Executive meetings and oversees member services programs, such as Group Benefits and the Municipal Pension Plan. The Committee acts as the Human Resources Committee on staffing issues and as the Audit Committee for purposes of the annual audit. The Committee also oversees financial and budget reporting, coordinates best practices initiatives and provides ongoing strategic direction to the organization. In addition, the Presidents Committee provides leadership on behalf of the Executive, within established policy, to address provincial and federal government matters such as the New Deal as well as relationship building between local governments.

Contact Details

Marie Crawford
General Manager of Richmond Operations
604-270-8226, ext. 104