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UBCM Overview

The UBCM was formed to provide a common voice for local government and this role is as important today as it was 100 years ago. The UBCM reflects the truth in the old adages: "strength in numbers" and "united we stand, divided we fall".

Convention continues to be the main forum for UBCM policy-making. It provides an opportunity for local governments of all sizes and from all areas of the province to come together, share their experiences and take a united position.

Positions developed by members are carried to other orders of government and other organizations involved in local affairs. Policy implementation activities have expanded from annual presentations to Cabinet, to UBCM involvement in intergovernmental committees, regular meetings with Ministers, and daily contact with senior government.

In today's ever-changing world, where shifts in senior government policies, or in economic, social or political conditions, can have an immediate effect on local government, UBCM stands as a "listening post". UBCM initiates, monitors, interprets and reacts where such changes could have an effect on local governments and the communities they serve.

The result is improved local government and BC's communities are the real winners. Through the UBCM, local government has achieved much, and the potential is always there to achieve even more.


  • Recognition of local government as an order of government - a first in Canada
  • Community Charter
  • Actual value assessment/annual assessments
  • Variable tax rate system
  • Social assistance costs dropped from the property tax
  • Municipal Insurance Association of BC
  • Three-year elections cycle
  • Municipal ticketing and bylaw dispute adjudication
  • Local government representation on provincial negotiating teams for Aboriginal treaty negotiations
  • Premier's directive that crown corporations will respect local zoning and land use bylaws
  • Twenty-year RCMP contract renewal

Statement of General Policies

Full PDF Statement of General Policies of the UBCM

Association Documents

Please refer to the following documents and resources for information about UBCM's incorporation and operation as the voice of local government in BC.

UBCM Bylaws
Code of Conduct