Mission Statement

The values we want associated with UBCM as an organization are:

  • Credibility and accuracy in what we do
  • Timely and effective in how we respond
  • Valuing teamwork and respecting diversity in everything we do
  • Being non-partisan and objective in how we present ourselves

Our vision is to most effectively represent and serve all local governments in BC.

Guided by our values and to achieve our vision the purpose of UBCM is:

To represent and serve all local governments in BC by:

  • Being the recognized advocate for their common interests
  • Meeting the members' common needs

We will be the recognized advocate for local government in BC in:

  • Policy development and implementation
  • Government relations
  • Communications externally
  • Liaison with other groups

Our priorities for meeting the members' common needs are through:

  • Communication to members
  • Advice and training for local government officials
  • Convention
  • Information sharing

We strive for continuous improvement in all that we do.