Environment Committee

Committee Members
  • Councillor Patricia Ross, Vice Chair
  • Councillor Sheila Boehm
  • Director Penny Cote
  • Councillor Sarah Fowler
Terms of Reference

The Environment Committee performs four basic functions:

  1. Advocates changes in federal and provincial environmental policy to assist local government in solving environmental concerns at the local level;
  2. Represents local government in the development of environmental policy at the federal and provincial level;
  3. Promotes and shares information on solutions to environmental problems which local governments have implemented; and
  4. Evaluates environmental policy as it relates to community sustainability and community planning.

For detailed information about UBCM's current policy work in this area, please refer to the Environment policy page.

Staff Support

Contact Details

Stephen Roddick
Senior Policy Analyst
604-270-8226 ext 223