Contact a staff member by phone or by clicking on their name to send an email.

Gary MacIsaac
Executive Director
Phone: 604-270-8226 ext 105 (Richmond)
Phone: 250-356-2956 (Victoria)

UBCM Staff - Richmond Office

Raelene Adamson
Office Administrator
Phone: 604-270-8226 ext 101

Hervinder Bains
Financial Services Officer
Phone: 604-270-8226 ext 106

Marylyn Chiang
Senior Policy Analyst
Phone: 604-270-8226 ext 110

Marie Crawford
General Manager, Richmond Operations
Phone: 604-270-8226 ext 104

Jamee Justason
Resolutions and Policy Analyst
Phone: 604-270-8226 ext 100

Lilliana Kang
Convention Assistant
Phone: 604-270-8226 ext 115

Jennifer Kwok
Events & Corporate Operations Assistant
Phone: 604-270-8226 ext 117

Kelsey Mackay-Smith
Events & Sponsorship Coordinator
Phone: 604-270-8226 ext 103

Bhar Sihota
Policy Analyst
Phone: 604-270-8226 ext 114

Kathleen Spalek
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 604-270-8226 ext 102

Reiko Tagami
Resolutions and Policy Analyst
Reiko is on maternity leave April 2018 - November 2019.  Please contact Jamee Justason.

Anna-Maria Wijesinghe
Manager, Member & Association Services
Phone: 604-270-8226 ext 111 

Josh van Loon
Senior Policy Analyst
Phone: 604-270-8226 ext 113


Back Row L-R: Kathleen Spalek, Bhar Sihota, Raelene Adamson, Anna-Maria Wijesinghe

Front Row L-R: Hervinder Bains, Gary MacIsaac, Marie Crawford, Jamee Justason, Josh van Loon

Not pictured: Marylyn Chiang, Jennifer Kwok, Kelsey Mackay-Smith, Reiko Tagami

UBCM Staff - Victoria Office

Rebecca Bishop
Program Officer
Local Government Program Services
Phone: 250-387-4470

Karen Borden
BC FireSmart Committee Coordinator
Phone: 250-356-7123

Glen Brown
General Manager, Victoria Operations
Phone: 250-356-0862

Liz Cookson
Secretary-Treasurer, AVICC
Phone: 250-356-5122

Brant Felker
Gas Tax Policy & Program Manager
Phone: 250-356-0893

Sasha Prynn
Program Officer
Local Goverment Program Services
Phone: 250-952-9177

Peter Ronald
Program Officer
Local Government Program Services
Phone: 250-356-2947

Christina Ross
Program Administrator
Gas Tax Program Services
Phone: 250-356-5134

Toby Simpson
Program Analyst
Gas Tax Program Services
Phone: 250-356-0876

Paul Taylor
Director of Communications
Phone: 250-356-2938   Cell: 250-893-8476

Danyta Welch
Manager, Local Government Program Services
Phone: 250-356-5193

Rebecca Williams
Office Coordinator
Phone: 250-356-5133

Jared Wright
Director of Advocacy & Government Relations
Phone: 250-387-0891

Back Row L-R: Gary MacIsaac, Brant Felker, Rebecca Williams, Glen Brown
Front Row L-R: Toby Simpson, Paul Taylor, Danyta Welch, Liz Cookson, Peter Ronald

Not pictured: Rebecca Bishop, Christina Ross, Sasha Prynn, Jared Wright, Karen Borden

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