Local Government Surveys

UBCM in partnership with CivicInfo BC and the Local Government Management Association of BC, conducts annual surveys of local government. Recreation related surveys are co-managed with the BC Recreation & Parks Association.

The surveys cover a wide range of local government operations. Local governments are surveyed for current-year information in the month of February, and results are posted to the CivicInfo BC website in March. CivicInfo BC makes this annual survey data available online, for research purposes only. Click on the following link to access the survey data.

Local Government Survey Results

There are considerable differences between local governments, and one must use caution when interpreting the data from the annual local government surveys. The accuracy and reliability of survey results depends on the inputs of local governments.

UBCM Contact

Most information collected through the surveys is freely available; however, information about salaries, benefits, and remuneration can only be found in the “Members” area. Senior staff or elected officials from UBCM member local governments may obtain the password to access this information by contacting:

Reiko Tagami
Policy Analyst
Email: rtagami@ubcm.ca
Tel: 604 270 8226 ext. 115