Unpacking a land back initiative

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The Realizing UNDRIP Initiative, hosted by the Fraser Basin Council, is showcasing a partnership of Leq’á:mél, Matsqui, and Semá:th First Nations with the City of Mission in a webinar on March 29th. This event will highlight the process, challenges, and keys to success from the First Nations and municipal leadership involved.

The agreement signed by the Province, Leq’á:mel, Matsqui and Sumas First Nations and the City of Mission is the first of its kind in the province of British Columbia. The First Nations had worked together for over a decade to see the return of 60 hectares of their shared traditional territory – previously designated as municipal lands.

The Province transferred roughly 60 hectares of Crown land to the LMS Society which represents the three First Nations. Now, the Indigenous-led residential and commercial development provides a portion of the land for opportunities to the Nations, while the remainder of the land is leased back to the municipality for park purposes. This learning event will showcase the successful partnership that was formed and the necessary steps that were taken to all paddle together toward locally driven reconciliation.

About the Realizing UNDRIP Initiative

The Realizing UNDRIP Initiative (RUI) educates and inspires non-Indigenous people working in government as well as private and not-for-profit sectors to work together in a good way with Indigenous peoples, organizations, and communities.

A key focus of RUI is to gather and share, through learning events, online resources, facilitated dialogues, and on-the-ground support, relevant success stories on topics such as building strong relationships, achieving climate resilience, addressing social issues, and pursuing sustainable economic opportunities. Members may learn more about the RUI via their new website.