Rail Proximity Initiative

Canada’s railways have played a fundamental role in communities across Canada for more than a century. From coast to coast, towns have been built around rail tracks and Canadians have relied on railways to ensure the safe and efficient movement of goods and people.

The practice of developing land in close proximity to railway operations, and the expansion of rail in urban areas, has caused some challenges for local governments, developers and railways. That’s where the Proximity Initiative comes in.

Created jointly by the Railway Association of Canada (RAC) and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) in 2003, the goal of the FCM-RAC Proximity Initiative is to prevent problems from arising between railways and residents. The initiative is led by a committee of elected officials and senior railway representatives from across Canada, who work together to develop strategies to reduce misunderstanding, increase safety, and avoid unnecessary conflict arising from railway-community proximity.

By providing the public with up-to-date resources and information on rail infrastructure and operations, community planning guidelines, and a dispute resolution process, the Proximity Initiative aims to bridge gaps between railways and residents, while pursuing common goals that will benefit communities, railways, and the country as a whole. The goal is to work together to achieve safe, livable communities.

Communities seeking further information about the FCM-RAC Proximity Initiative may contact:

Jenelle Saskiw, Project Manager, (780) 214-0757

Ben Chursinoff, Project Coordinator, (613) 564-8095


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