2021 Resolutions Process

2021 UBCM Resolutions

In preparation for the 2021 virtual Convention and Resolutions Sessions, UBCM has prepared a series of information aritcles about the updated resolutions process.  These articles will also be published in The Compass newsletter in the Spring and Summer of 2021.    

Article #1 Updated Resolutions Process for the 2021 Convention - April 28, 2021

2021 Conference Rules and Procedures for Handling Resolutions

View an unofficial copy of the 2021 Conference Rules and Procedures for Handling Resolutions.  The final, official copy will be published in the 2021 Resolutions Book.

2021 Organization of Resolutions

This 2021 Organization of Resolutions in the Resolutions Book.  


If you have questions or comments, please contact Jamee Justason, Resolutions and Policy Analyst at jjustason@ubcm.ca 


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