Community Safety


Regarding community safety, UBCM activities are comprised of three core areas:

  1. Pursuing federal and provincial policy changes that will improve support for local government protection of the public;
  2. Representing local government in the development of new federal and provincial policy intended to protect the public; and
  3. Information sharing and promotion of successful solutions implemented by local governments to protect the public.

Community Safety Issues

UBCM is focusing on a number of significant community safety issues facing local government, including but not limited to:

UBCM also engages on a broader range of community safety issues including bylaw enforcement, collective bargaining, court services, flood management, and road safety (including eTicketing and traffic fine revenue sharing).

External Committee Appointments

Further, UBCM appoints local government representatives to a number of external committees related to community safety. This ensures local governments a voice at the table on issues and decisions that have the potential to affect their communities.

Related Programs

Two funding programs are administered by UBCM in support of community safety initiatives.

Community Emergency Preparedness Fund
Strategic Wildfire Prevention Initiative

UBCM partners with the BC Wildfire Service and the Office of the Fire Commissioner to provide Structural Protection Units.

Policy Scope

The Community Safety Committee guides UBCM policy development on community safety issues.


Bhar Sihota
Policy Analyst
(604) 270-8226 x114

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