Internet speed study contract awarded

Publishing Date

TANEx Engineering has been selected by the Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) to study broadband Internet speeds experienced in remote and rural BC communities. The company will compare the Internet speeds experienced by customers, with the federal data that documents which Internet speeds are available to customers in a particular area.

The methods used to conduct this research are yet to be determined. Significant effort will focus on assembling and comparing existing data on Internet service speeds in various regions of BC. TANEx will determine how to address gaps in the existing data.

The research will take place throughout the spring and summer, with a final report to NDIT in late summer or early fall 2021. NDIT, and Connected Communities within the provincial Ministry of Citizens’ Services, seek to understand whether Internet speed accurately reflects the service levels available to customers, and the nature and cause of any discrepancies. The report will provide an objective analysis of Internet speeds in rural BC, and a factual foundation to inform dialogue between NDIT; Indigenous and local governments, through UBCM and FCM; the Province; the federal government.

Indigenous and local governments—particularly those with rural and remote populations—may request to be included in the study by providing the following information to Reiko Tagami, Policy Analyst, UBCM:

  • names of communities, areas, or neighbourhoods where the Internet speeds experienced are below the 50/10 Mbps speeds indicated on federal maps
  • name of the Indigenous or local government within whose boundaries these areas are located
  • name, position, email, and telephone number of a senior staff person from the Indigenous or local government, whom the research team may contact for further information.