RCMP Fraud Awareness Bulletin

The RCMP is cautioning UBCM’s membership regarding ongoing attempts to defraud local governments. ‘Spear Phishing,’ ‘Whaling,’ ‘Vishing’ or ‘Payment Redirect’ scams, as they are commonly known, are being used in an attempt to get local governments and other businesses to send funds or redirect payments to fraudsters posing as service providers or associates.

More information is available through an RCMP Fraud Awareness Bulletin that outlines the issue, methods used to defraud local governments, and prevention tactics that can be implemented to protect against these scams. 

In addition to implementing the prevention initiatives outlined in the Bulletin, local governments are being advised by the RCMP to stay informed on fraud trends, educate staff members and elected officials, and report incidents of fraud to police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Questions, comments or concerns about this bulletin or any other fraud prevention initiatives may be conveyed to RCMP ‘E’ Division Federal Policing Prevention and Engagement (FPPE)

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