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Read more about UBCM's role supporting local governments and First Nations as they work towards reconciliation and stronger relationships.

UBCM has signed a Protocol on Communication and Cooperation with the First Nations Summit and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on engagement with the Province of British Columbia [PDF - 2.4 MB].  UBCM has also partnered with other agencies in the past including via a Partnership Agreement with Reconciliation Canada [PDF - 3.4 MB], as well as an MOU on Communication and Information Sharing with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. These agreements provide the framework for initiatives that UBCM undertakes in the area of local government-First Nation relationship building.

Legislative & Regulatory Framework

UBCM monitors and responds to legislative changes, proposals, and other initiatives regarding First Nations that are relevant to local governments. UBCM also tracks key First Nation court decisions, supports local government participation in the treaty process, and supports negotiations outside the treaty process.

Policy Scope

The Indigenous Relations Committee oversees all policy development work related to First Nations issues including treaty negotiations, negotiations outside the treaty process, and governance reform. UBCM supports local government participation in the treaty process and provides input on general policy issues as requested or required. The Committee's other key role is to support relationship building between First Nations and local governments through best practices and other initiatives.


Josh van Loon
Senior Policy Analyst
604.270.8226 ext. 113

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