Webinar: BC’s 2024 climate hazard forecast

Publishing Date

UBCM will be holding a webinar on April 3, 2024, 1–3 pm, to share up-to-date hazard projections for this spring and summer, review the hazard assessment and mitigation resources currently available to communities, and provide an update on Provincial emergency preparedness initiatives.

This webinar will provide an opportunity for UBCM members to learn more about the current seasonal weather forecast; and the measures being taken to assess and manage wildfire, drought, flooding and extreme heat. Information will also be provided regarding the Provincial Disaster and Climate Risk and Resilience Assessment, and local government efforts to assess, mitigate and prepare for natural hazards.

UBCM representatives will also discuss available supports, including hazard assessment and mitigation funding.

This webinar is only available to elected officials and staff from UBCM member First Nations and local governments. Those attending must register in advance of the webinar.