Updated Resolutions Process for 2021 Convention

Publishing Date

The UBCM Executive is pleased to offer two three-hour virtual sessions for resolutions in 2021, doubling the time offered in 2020. Conference Rules and Procedures for Handling Resolutions have been updated for 2021 based on member feedback and what was learned at the first virtual convention.

While most of the 2020 procedures remain the same, the 2021 changes are designed to streamline the process, improve debate, and maximize the number of resolutions considered.

Highlights of the 2021 process and rules for resolutions include:

Special Resolutions

Special Resolutions (SR) that are sponsored by the UBCM Executive will be brought forward for individual consideration. These will reflect timely and important issues for our membership.

Amendments to SR resolutions will be considered in advance of Convention. Members who wish to amend an SR resolution can do so; proposed amendments must be received by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, September 14.  

All proposed amendments received will be reviewed by the Parliamentarian to ensure they are in order. Those deemed in order will be announced during the resolutions session at the time of consideration of each SR resolution.  

A discussion and then a vote on the amendment can take place. If the proposed amendment is endorsed by a simple majority, then the SR as amended will be considered. If the amendment is not endorsed, then the original, unamended SR will be considered.

Consent Blocks of Resolutions

Once again, UBCM will be putting forward one block of resolutions recommended to be Endorsed (EB), and one block of resolutions recommended to be Not Endorsed (NEB).

All resolutions contained in a block are considered together with one vote.

  • Pulling a resolution from either the Endorse or Not Endorse blocks of resolutions may be done in advance of Convention. Members who wish to pull resolutions from either of the two blocks for individual consideration will need to follow the following steps:
    • Endorse a motion at a Council or Board meeting requesting removal from the block;
    • Send the motion, along with the reasons for wanting to pull a resolution from the block, to the UBCM Executive to be received by noon on Friday, September 10;
    • Executive will decide which requests are approved;
    • Executive approval to pull a resolution will result in an amended block being presented at Convention; and
    • Any amendments will be announced during the Resolutions session.

Resolutions pulled from either block for individual consideration will be referred to the UBCM Executive, and not considered during Convention.

No Recommendation Resolutions

Resolutions with the recommendation of No Recommendation (NR) will be considered individually.

Prior to publication in the Resolutions Book, where reasonable, No Recommendation resolutions will be re-assigned into either the Endorse block or Not Endorse block of resolutions. Consideration will be given to how closely aligned the No Recommendation requests are to current UBCM policy. 

Those resolutions moved into the Endorse or Not Endorse blocks under these circumstances will be identified and given special notation in the Resolutions Book. This practice was first used in 2020.

Amendments to No Recommendation resolutions will not be permitted.

New Category: 2020 No Recommendation Resolutions

A NEW category called “2020 No Recommendation” or “2020 NR” will be established in 2021. These resolutions will deal with No Recommendation resolutions referred to the UBCM Executive in 2020 where the Executive was hesitant to make a recommendation. The Executive noted that members should have the ability to engage in debate and determine direction on these resolutions. As such, these resolutions were referred back to the sponsors and the sponsors were invited to re-submit their resolutions for 2021. The 2020 NR will be considered following the EB and NEB blocks, and prior to the NR category.

Amendments to 2020 No Recommendation resolutions will not be permitted.

Additional Considerations

Off-The-Floor resolutions and Motions to Vary the Agenda will not be permitted.

Late Resolutions (those received after the June 30 submission deadline) will be referred to the UBCM Executive for consideration following Convention.

Voting options for the EB and NEB blocks, as well as for the 2020 NR and NR resolutions will be: Endorse or Not Endorse.

An unofficial copy of the complete set of Conference Rules and Procedures for Handling Resolutions in 2021 is available on UBCM’s website under 2021 Resolutions Process.

More information about resolutions will be shared throughout the Spring and Summer in order to fully inform and prepare members for Convention 2021.

Contact Jamee Justason, Resolutions & Policy Analyst, with any questions about resolutions in 2021.