UBCM Housing Summit 2024: Local Vision, Local Action

Publishing Date

UBCM is hosting a housing summit for local governments on February 13-14 at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver. The 2024 Housing Summit: Local Vision, Local Action will focus on the continuing crisis in housing affordability and attainability, and consider the effects of recent provincial legislation that has introduced fundamental changes to BC’s housing system.

Local governments have been working hard to meet local housing needs, and we know that collaboration between sectors and levels of government is essential to effectively address the housing crisis.

As our draft program is taking shape, there are key themes that will shape the summit agenda:

  • The legislation’s potential to increase housing supply and improve affordability;
  • Areas where unintended consequences are apparent;
  • Impacts of the legislation on staffing capacity and infrastructure;
  • The diversity of housing needs among BC communities and the unique capacity constraints faced by smaller communities;
  • The effect of the legislation on current local government policies aimed at increasing supply, safeguarding affordability and building complete communities;
  • Gaps within the current legislative framework; and
  • A common approach for local governments moving forward.

Recognizing that the short notice and cost to attend in person can be a barrier for some local governments, this summit will be a hybrid of in-person and virtual. The cost to do so for UBCM will be considerable, but we believe it is critical to hear from as many members as possible over the two days of the event.

Registration is now open.

Journalists wishing to attend must be accredited by UBCM.