New vulnerable road user safety laws come into force

Publishing Date

New regulations came into force on June 3, 2024 that require drivers to take proper precautions, including new minimum distances, when interacting with vulnerable road users.

Vulnerable road users are now defined in BC as: a pedestrian or person on a cycle, motorcycle, animal or animal-driven vehicles, electric kick scooter or electric wheelchair, or a mobility scooter.

Drivers must now maintain a new minimum distance of one metre when passing cyclists and other vulnerable road users. That distance increases to 1.5 metres on roadways with a speed limit above 50 km/h. Drivers must also provide a minimum of 0.5 metre safe passing space to people using protected infrastructure.

The province will deliver an education and awareness campaign during the month of June to inform the public of these changes and to promote vulnerable road user safety.

Municipalities may install minimum safe passing distance signage in their communities, in areas they deem appropriate, to remind drivers of their responsibilities when passing vulnerable road users.