ICBC decal phase out, continued online renewals

Publishing Date

ICBC has announced that as of May 1, 2022, British Columbians are able to renew personal insurance policies online. BC drivers are also no longer required to display a license plate decal to show they have valid insurance.
To ease this transition, ICBC has committed a one-time investment of up to $1 million to enhance and expand the Automated Licence Plate Reader (ALPR) program for law enforcement in BC.
After renewing their personal insurance policy online, motorists may print their vehicle registration, license, and owner’s certificate of insurance on plain white paper using any printer if the result is legible.
As of May 1, BC motorists have the choice to leave their current decal on their licence plate or remove it. Vehicles may be seen legally displaying a decal that:

  • is expired,
  • is blocked out with black marker,
  • is covered with any color of plain material (e.g., a blank white sticker), or
  • may or may not be reflective. 

However, ICBC is requesting customers not to use decal coverings that are mirrored or that have graphics, characters, or patterns.
Note that selected ICBC insurance policies are not eligible for online renewals. Commercial or fleet policies, as well as transactions that involve joint ownership or multiple owners, leased vehicles, motorcycles, or collector vehicles must still be renewed through an insurance broker.
Please see for more details.