Furstenau praises leadership in a time of uncertainty

Leader of the BC Green Party, Sonia Furstenau
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Speaking to the overlapping crises and emergencies of the past 18 months, leader of the BC Green Party, Sonia Furstenau thanked local government leaders for their work amidst extraordinary uncertainty. “We need new maps to navigate this world,” said Furstenau.

By sharing examples from her home riding, including rapid shelter spaces for people experiencing homelessness and meal programs that supported families, Furstenau highlighted the opportunities that exist to build resilient, thriving communities.  She pointed to community forests, preservation of natural places and support for Indigenous-led industry as paths to resiliency.

Reflecting that change is overdue, but not impossible, Furstenau urged delegates to look to bigger, bolder ideas to find solutions to save lives and build communities.

“Be the kind of leader who sees the needs all around you and acts on it. Be bold”