Canada and RCMP union proceeding to arbitration

Publishing Date

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) and the National Police Federation, the union representing RCMP reservists and Members below the rank of Inspector will move to third-party binding arbitration, which is anticipated to occur in May 2024. TBS communicated this information to contract partners as part of a recent national Contract Management Committee (CMC) briefing.

Although the Parties are moving to third-party arbitration, TBS has indicated that over the last several months the parties have resolved several pending issues, but not pay.

Collective bargaining negotiations must be kept confidential to preserve the integrity of the process and ensure that outcomes are not impacted by the untimely release of information by either party. As such, TBS is not able to communicate expected pay rates. However, a non-contractual planning rate was acknowledged by all CMC members and put forward for inclusion in the Multi-Year Financial Plans. It should be noted that all negotiated pay increases or those imposed through third-party arbitration could result in increases below or above the planning rate.

UBCM, as a member of the CMC, will continue to communicate information that receives federal approval for circulation. Furthermore, the Local Government RCMP Contract Management Committee and UBCM continue to raise the need to improve engagement with local governments as part of the RCMP collective bargaining process.