Wildfire preparedness support for agriculture

Agriculture faces unique challenges from wildfire. Farmers, ranchers, First Nations and governments can all take simple steps to prepare ahead of time. Climate & Agriculture Initiative BC is offering four free virtual regional workshops to train wildfire and emergency response staff and planners on how farm and ranch operations are impacted by, and can prepare for, wildfire.

The workshops will be held in March and April. The training is designed to orient participants to the unique challenges and wildfire preparedness resources available to agricultural operations. Participants will then be better able to assist agricultural operations with completing wildfire plans and implementing risk mitigation activities.

Each workshop will provide an overview of the key content in the Farm & Ranch Wildfire Plan Guide and Workbook, including: 

  • Operational maps for planning and communicating
  • Equipment lists (for response)
  • Water sources (for on-farm needs, wildfire response)
  • Livestock protection planning
  • Employee and visitor evacuation planning (including for operations with multiple properties, foreign workers, and agri-tourism)
  • Risk reduction on agricultural properties (in addition to typical FireSmart scenarios)

Registration for the workshops is now open. 

For more information, please contact Bruce Blackwell.

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