Internet speed study underway

The Internet speed study, announced in March and launched in April, is officially underway. Starting this month, TANEx Engineering will focus on assessing the broadband Internet speed discrepancies in BC by analyzing numerous sources of related information, in parallel with outreach to self-identified communities.

The purpose of the Internet speed study is to better understand all of the factors contributing to the difference between Internet speed data published on the federal government’s National Broadband Internet Service Availability Map, and community experiences in BC.

This study is a collaboration between the provincial Ministry of Citizens’ Services, Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT), and UBCM. The contract was awarded to TANEx Engineering, which has 20+ years of experience planning telecommunications infrastructure in BC, and has worked extensively with Indigenous and local governments, as well as provincial and federal counterparts.

Indigenous and local governments seeking information about the study may contact Reiko Tagami, Policy Analyst, UBCM. Watch the Compass for further details on TANEx’s outreach and engagement plans.

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