BC Net Pen transition plan

The DFO minister has been mandated to create a plan to transition open net-pen farming in coastal BC by 2025. DFO staff advised that a Strategic Oversight Committee (SOC) has been struck to oversee the creation of the proposed Plan.

The SOC provides direction to a Transition Plan Technical Working Group, tasked with developing the Plan, along with conducting the groundwork research, consultations, and analysis that will contribute to the Plan’s development.

In addition to the SOC and Working Group meetings, the SOC has directed the Working Group to develop a work plan and engagement plan by the end of March 2021. The net pen transition initiative also includes a series of engagements undertaken by the DFO Parliamentary Secretary, who will submit a report to the Minister in spring 2021 outlining the results of these consultations, including his recommendations for a path forward. The contents of this report will be utilized and considered in the work that the Working Group and SOC will be undertaking to develop the Plan over the next couple of years. 

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