Advocacy Days 2021

UBCM’s Executive is holding its 8th annual Advocacy Days virtually this year.  Over the next two days, Executive members will meet with thirty four (34) MLAs from all parties to raise awareness of UBCM’s priorities.  The focus this year is on UNDRIP, local government finance, and the mental health and opioid crises.

Executive members will be raising the need to improve local government engagement during the implementation of UNDRIP, as well as clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of local government under UNDRIP.  They will also highlight the work of UBCM’s Select Committee on Local Government Finance, and seek a partnership with the Province on new local government revenues sources that support shared provincial-local priorities –  in housing, climate action and community safety. The need for expanded community based funding for addressing the mental health and substance abuse needs of communities will also be tabled for discussion.

Additional information on the meetings and UBCM priorities will follow next week.

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