Access to broadband funding limited by inaccurate data

Federal funding for improved broadband service in BC communities may rely on data that is inaccurate, limiting the ability of some communities to access this funding. UBCM is working with the Province and Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) to improve the data available for Internet speeds in BC communities, but time is running out for local governments and First Nations to provide input.

The study is specifically for geographic areas that federal data indicates are already served by Internet speeds of 50/10Mbps or better, but where local residents, businesses, and organizations have access to lower Internet speeds. Indigenous and local governments who experience this scenario are encouraged to complete the online questionnaire as soon as possible, so that we can have the project team follow up with them directly.

This Internet speed study aims to better understand the factors contributing to the difference between Internet speed data published on the federal government’s National Broadband Internet Service Availability Map, and community experiences in BC.  

For further information about the online questionnaire, please contact Kerri-Anne Thomas, Project Manager, TANEx Engineering.

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