Streamlined process to assist hospitality sector

The provincial government has introduced a streamlined online application for food primary, liquor primary and manufacturer licensees seeking a Temporary Service Area Authorization (e.g. patio approval). Local governments have the option to further expedite this process by pre-approving all eligible licensees seeking to apply for a temporary service area expansion.

These measures are intended to support BC’s hospitality sector in complying with the Provincial Health Officer’s direction and recommendations (e.g. physical distancing) in response to COVID-19. Licensees will not be able to increase their approved occupancy loads, and must comply with all local government bylaws, as well as health and fire regulations. To ensure compliance, the Province will conduct regular inspections. 

Local governments that choose to pre-approve eligible licensees are asked to contact Allan Lingwood, Local Government Liaison at the Ministry of Attorney General. Those that elect to continue operating under the default process will be able to review and approve requests on an individual basis prior to licensees submitting their applications to the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch.

Under this policy, approved licensees will receive authorization to expand their service areas until October 31, 2020. 

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