2021 Archive

July 28, 2021: DRIPA consultation extended; Executive meeting highlights; FireSmart BC webinar; Auxiliary Program update

July 21, 2021:  Provincial State of Emergency, Decriminalization policy process; New meat regulations

July 14, 2021: Hon. Murray Sinclair highlights Convention panel; ALR residential flexibility; Forest policy engagement

July 7, 2021:  Active Transportation Grants; Provincial Accessibility Committee; In Memoriam: Michael Coleman; UBCM Executive nominations

June 30, 2021: Tentative deal with RCMP union; Convention Registration; UNDRIP; Community Resiliency Funding

June 23, 2021: 2021 Convention Theme and Registration; Expert Panel on Supply and Affordability Final Report; FireSmart BC workshops, LUC termination

June 16, 2021: Climate Preparedness & Adaptation; RCMP Contract; Hazardous Waste Regulations

June 9, 2021: Advocacy Days; MMIWG action plan; EA Director meeting; Auxiliary policing

June 2, 2021:  UBCM response to CARIP cancellation; Forestry Policy Intentions paper; UBCM Executive nominations

May 31, 2021: Special Edition - Time for mourning & call to action

May 26, 2021:  UBCM paramountcy response, Road safety strategy

May 19, 2021: Advocacy Days 2021, Asset Management Awareness, Resolution submissions

May 12, 2021: Local Government Awareness Week; FireSmart Symposium; Internet speed study

May 5, 2021: Funding & Resource Update; Internet Speed Study Underway

April 28, 2021: Updated 2021 resolutions process; Excellence Awards deadline extended; Rail proximity initiative; Railway Association webinar; RCMP Update

April 21, 2021: Preventing & responding to elected official conduct issues; Provincial resolution responses

April 20, 2021: Special Edition - Provincial Budget Highlights

April 19, 2021: Special Edition - Federal Budget 2021 Highlights

April 14, 2021: Mercer coming to 2021 UBCM Convention; Local Government Awareness Week; Housing Needs funding

April 7, 2021: Active Transportation planning grant; Funding & Resources update; Convention Minutes

March 31, 2021:  Doubling federal gas tax; Professional governance webinar; Electric vehicle rates; Entrepreneurship pilot extended; DFO consultation; Scholarships

March 24, 2021: External resources for Councils & Boards; RCMP dispatch costs; 2021 CEO Forum

March 17, 2021: UBCM advocacy update; Internet speed study; FireSmart symposium; Firearms legislation; Small Communities travel fund

March 10, 2021: Campaign finance changes; Development Approval funding; Reforming the Police Act

March 3, 2021:  Executive Meeting Highlights; C2C Forum; Funding & Resources; Drought Level Proposal

February 24, 2021: Strengthening Communities' Services funding; Excellence Awards; Asset Management funding; Agricultural wildfire support; 2 Billion Trees; Universal broadband; FireSmart Symposium 

February 17, 2021: RCMP Contract committee nominations; EA Forum follow-up; Child care planning webinar

February 10, 2021: Streetlight conversion application; Aquaculture Act; Net Pen transition; BC Economic Summit

February 3, 2021:  UBCM Police Act submission; Economic recovery funding; Rail safety; Childcare planning

January 27, 2021: Clean Coast, Clean Waters Initiative Fund; RCMP Fraud Awareness; Building Officials Qualifications Webinar; LGLA Registration Extended

January 20, 2021:  Anticipating RCMP unionization; Approaching funding deadlines 

January 13, 2021:  UBCM advocacy update; EA/LGLA forums; RCMP contract feedback

January 6, 2021:  Federal Gas Tax Fund annual report; Procedure bylaw guide; Funding & Resources update

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