Elected Local Government Officials Participation in the Municipal Pension Plan


Whereas elected local government officials contribute a significant service to the communities they represent through the time and effort invested during their tenure of office; And whereas elected local government officials in other Canadian jurisdictions, including Quebec and Ontario, are considered eligible to participate in the municipal pension plans in place in these locations: Therefore be it resolved that UBCM request the Ministry of Finance, and any other applicable bodies, to amend the Public Sector Pension Plans Act to permit the eligibility of Elected Local Government Officials to participate in the Municipal Pension Plan.

Provincial Response

Public Sector Employers Council Secretariat, Ministry of Finance Government understands that elected local government officials play an important role in helping local communities grow, and some elected officials can serve for many years. Pension income is important to many individuals as a stable source of retirement income. Before any changes are considered, Government must determine if there are any barriers, including legal barriers, to including local government officials in the Municipal Pension Plan. Ministry of Finance staff have just begun to engage with stakeholders such as the BC Pension Corporation on what challenges there are before considering amendments to the Public Sector Pension Plans Act.

Convention Decision