New procurement trade requirements for local governments

Publishing Date

New Procurement Trade requirements will come into force effective September 23, 2022. The Province has been working with the Federal government to meet BC’s trade reporting obligations under the Comprehensive European Trade Agreement (CETA).
If local governments are currently posting or cross-posting their procurement opportunities to BC Bid, they will meet this obligation with no further action needed on their part. If for any reason local governments are not posting or cross-posting to BC Bid, then they will need to review their procurement posting process. It is up to each individual entity to verify with their legal team their obligations under trade. As long as MASH entities are posting or cross-posting to BC Bid all procurements will be forwarded to the Federal Government Single Point of Access.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Robert O’Neill, Executive Director, Procurement Services Branch, Ministry of Citizens’ Services.