Emergency Preparedness Funding webinar

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The Community Emergency Preparedness Fund (CEPF) is a suite of funding streams intended to enhance the resiliency of local governments, First Nations and communities in preparing for and responding to emergencies and climate-related risks. Fall 2023 to Spring 2024 intake deadlines and program materials are now available.

A webinar covering the Spring 2024 funding stream intakes will be held November 21, 1:30 – 3 p.m. 

CEPF funding is open to all First Nations and local governments in BC. The Province of BC committed to renewed CEPF funding earlier in 2023, and funding permitting, application deadlines have been scheduled through 2023/24 and 2024/25.

The following CEPF funding streams are currently open to receive applications:

Indigenous Cultural Safety and Cultural Humility Training application deadline: November 3, 2023. The intent of this funding stream is to enhance cultural safety and cultural humility in the delivery of local emergency management programs and services.

Emergency Support Services Equipment and Training application deadline: January 26, 2024. The intent of this stream is to build local capacity to provide emergency support services through volunteer recruitment, retention and training, and ESS equipment purchases.

Emergency Operations Centres Equipment and Training application deadline: February 23, 2024. The intent of this stream is to support the purchase of equipment and supplies required to maintain or improve Emergency Operations Centres, and to enhance EOC capacity through training and exercises. 

Disaster Risk Reduction – Climate Adaptation (DRR-CA) application deadline: March 28, 2024. DRR-CA is intended to support the reduction of risks from future disasters due to natural hazards and climate-related risks.  This funding stream now includes extreme temperature planning activities.

Application materials for the following are not yet available but will be posted soon:

Public Notification and Evacuation Route Planning application deadline: April 26, 2024. The intent of this stream is the development of Evacuation Route Plans and/or Public Notification Plans that provide information for local governments, First Nations, and community members in the event of an emergency.