Changes to Disaster Financial Assistance

Publishing Date

The Province has announced regulatory changes to the Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) program that are intended to support local governments. These changes come after the Province received over 2,200 DFA applications following the November 2021 flooding events. The DFA program provides post-disaster compensation for essential uninsurable losses.
Notable changes include:

  • Modifying the cost-sharing formula, to increase the provincial contribution to a minimum of 90% and maximum of 95%, depending on the cost of the project. Local governments were previously responsible for 20% of eligible costs;
  • Providing a portion of the project’s estimated costs up front. Previously, local governments were not reimbursed until after the project was complete;
  • Expanding eligibility by decreasing the minimum income threshold for small businesses. The maximum annual revenue threshold has also been increased from $1 million to $2 million; and,
  • Allowing certain corporation-owned properties to become eligible.

UBCM’s members have previously endorsed several resolutions seek for the Province to absorb a greater share of emergency recovery costs.
Additional changes to the Disaster Financial Assistance program will be contemplated as part of the ongoing Emergency Program Act review.