Working Group on Responsible Conduct


The Working Group on Responsible Conduct is a joint initiative of the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM), the Ministry of Community Sport and Cultural Development (the Ministry) and the Local Government Management Association (LGMA).

The staff-level Working Group was formed to undertake policy work in response to a 2016 resolution to UBCM that addressed the issue of questionable conduct by local government elected officials. Delegates referred the matter to UBCM Executive, with the direction that further policy work should be undertaken jointly with the Ministry and LGMA. At its November 2016 meeting, UBCM Executive approved a Terms of Reference for a joint Working Group.

Policy Development Process

The Working Group began meeting late in 2016. The initial focus of its work has been to develop a shared understanding of the issue and to consider how the current parts of BC’s local government framework support responsible conduct. The Working Group has also explored approaches that other Canadian provinces are taking to support and strengthen responsible conduct. The Consultation Paper that has been prepared by the Working Group reflects this research and is offered to the local government community to provide a basis for discussion.

UBCM will be delivering presentations on the Consultation Paper at the 2017 Area Association meetings. Local government elected officials and senior management will be surveyed by UBCM and LGMA, respectively. Feedback received during the consultations, along with the findings of the survey, will be provided to the working group.

UBCM Executive has made a commitment to draft recommendations and bring these before delegates at the 2017 Convention in September. These recommendations will be informed by both the work of the working group and the results of the consultation.

Consultation Paper

Responsible Conduct of Local Government Elected Officials [PDF - 887 KB]

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