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Private Moorage Policy

Amendments to Provincial Moorage Program

Notice of amendments to the Private Moorage Program [PDF - 137 KB] - Jan 2017

Effective January 17, 2017, amendments to the Private Moorage Program will allow for more residential docks to be eligible to be authorized under a “General Permission” rather than an application-driven Crown land tenure. The conditions and requirements are outlined in a notification to UBCM from the Land Tenures Branch at the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

Forest Policy Decision-Making

Round Table Discussion

Round Table Discussion Summary Document [PDF - 1.9 MB] – Nov 2016

At the 2016 UBCM Convention over 200 participants from local government, the Province, forest industries and associations contributed to the discussion at the Monday pre-conference session on forest policy decision-making. A summary document of the round table discussion highlights the feedback from participants when asked the following question:

What steps or actions can communities, industry, and the Province take to improve consultation and engagement opportunities with respect to forest policy decision-making?

The summary document will continue to guide the Community Economic Development Committee in its outreach and engagement activities.

Communication Between Tenure Holders & Local Governments
UBCM surveyed BC local governments in December 2015, to learn about communication and consultation between forest tenure holders and local governments, and the impact of forestry decisions upon local governments. Responses confirmed that better forestry decisions could be made if communities were consulted, and that community engagement can help minimize negative environmental impacts, poor community-tenure holder relations, and land use conflicts. UBCM has conveyed its report on the survey data to the Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, and shared the information with the Minister's Advisory Council on Forest and Range Practices.

Forest Policy Decision-Making: The Case for Greater Community Consultation and Engagement [PDF - 2.5 MB] – Mar 2016

Local Economic Development Survey

On June 14, 2016 at the annual BCEDA Summit, UBCM with the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training (MJTST) and the BC Economic Development Association (BCEDA), jointly released the results of the survey on local economic development. The survey data helps all three organizations to better understand where we can support communities in their local economic development efforts.

Local Economic Development in BC: 2016 Survey – Summary Report [PDF]

The three partners (UBCM, MJTST, BCEDA) collaborated to survey local governments to gain further insight into how BC communities approach economic development. With input from over 400 respondents—elected officials, economic development officers, local government staff and others—the survey data provides an excellent overview of the different approaches undertaken by local governments to deliver economic development and reveal how economic development is supported, planned and monitored within communities. The findings also identify what activities communities are focusing on and what they see as their challenges and opportunities.

MJTST has made available on their website background information about the economic development survey.

Local governments may wish to compare the local economic development landscape and current activities with the data from the original survey on local economic development conducted by UBCM in 2009:

Fisheries Legacy Trust Final Report

The Fisheries Legacy Trust has released its final report, providing a summary of programs offered between 1998 and 2016 to support coastal communities in adjusting and transitioning local economies.

Fisheries Legacy Trust Final Report [PDF - 346 KB]

In 1997, in response to changes in BC's salmon fishery, the federal government established the Fisheries Legacy Trust (Trust). Using and building on existing federal Community Futures organizational infrastructure, the role of the Trust was to deliver funding programs to support affected coastal communities. UBCM partnered with the Trust by recommending local elected officials from coastal communities to sit with other partners on a steering committee to review applications and determine funding allocations.

Requests for information, questions or comments regarding the Fisheries Legacy Trust Final Report and supporting materials may be directed to report author George Lerchs (tel: 250-653-2353).

Building Officials Association of BC: Estimated Costs for Building Official Qualifications

The Province is alerting local governments to potential increased costs, starting in the 2016 fiscal year, resulting from the new mandatory qualifications for building officials in the Building Act.

BOABC Estimated Costs for Building Official Qualifications [PDF - 168 KB]

Liquefied Natural Gas

UBCM President, Director Rhona Martin, spoke on May 22, 2014 at the second annual International LNG in BC Conference, as part of a panel on Communities' Perspectives.

Presentation to LNG in BC Conference [PDF - 267 KB]

Special Committee on BC Ferries

UBCM members endorsed a policy paper [PDF - 1.7 MB] at the 2014 UBCM Convention that presented a socioeconomic impact analysis of BC ferries.

The policy paper drew on the work commissioned by the Special Committee on BC Ferries.
Report on Socio-Economic Impacts of BC Ferries Service Reductions [PDF - 2 MB]

Policy Scope

The Community Economic Development Committee works on behalf of UBCM members to improve regional economic development opportunities for local governments. As such, the Committee continues to represent and acts as an advocate for communities on economic development issues by monitoring, developing and making recommendations on policy regarding fish, forests, energy, mining, agriculture and water; by connecting communities to emerging economic development opportunities (e.g. value-added, tourism, technology sectors, arts, culture and heritage); and advocating for greater provincial support for job and skills training and retraining efforts.


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