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Financing Reconciliation: Solutions for Local Communities

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Whereas local governments and First Nations have inherited a problematic public service delivery regime that poorly finances on and off reserve local government service delivery;

And whereas local governments experience revenue deficits that impact shared and overlapping public service delivery to the entire local population, including First Nation populations, that are not fairly addressed through property tax requisition;

And whereas the federal government is constitutionally committed to providing "essential public services of reasonable quality to all Canadians" (Constitution Act, 1982 s.36), implemented in part through federal transfer payments;

Therefore be it resolved that UBCM request the Province of BC and the Government of Canada work with First Nations and local governments to explore and implement revenue solutions such as federal transfer payments, thereby supporting implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and the commitments in UNDRIP;

And be it further resolved that to ensure First Nation participation in the management of said payments, UBCM request British Columbia, in consultation with First Nations, amend the Local Government Act accordingly.

Provincial Response

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

The Provincial Government is interested in supporting local governments and First Nations in finding ways to work on shared goals and interests including partnering to provide quality services to residents in communities.

Ministry staff are undertaking a preliminary review of this resolution in collaboration with staff from the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation and UBCM. Any changes that may be contemplated to the Local Government Act would have province wide implications and would need to be considered carefully. This will take time and engagement with key stakeholders.

Work to date has included the Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation providing a copy of this resolution to his counterpart at the federal level. As well, at a staff level MIRR has agreed to reach out to the Federal Government to bring them into the conversation with MAH and UBCM about this.

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