Final Housing Needs intake

The final intake of the Housing Needs Report program is receiving applications. Local governments and Treaty First Nations in BC are eligible to apply and funding is scaled on the net population of the planning area. The application deadline is June 4, 2021.

Since April 2019, local governments have been required by the province to develop housing needs reports on a regular basis. The reports are intended to strengthen the ability of local governments to identify the types of housing most needed in their communities, and inform local plans, policies, and development decisions. Local governments are required to meet the legislative requirements and develop a Housing Needs Report by April 2022. The Housing Needs Reports program supports local governments in meeting these requirements.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs has compiled a comprehensive data set available at no cost to local governments to assist the completion of a Housing Needs Report. Please direct all inquiries regarding the application process or program to UBCM’s Local Government Program Services.

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