Draft DRIPA action plan

The Province has released a draft Action Plan to implement the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (DRIPA). The document identifies a high-level list of actions that the Province plans to take in collaboration with Indigenous peoples from 2021 to 2026, and is intended to provide a province-wide, whole-of-government plan for implementing DRIPA.

The actions identified in the plan are broken into the following categories:

  1. Self-Determination and Inherent Right of Self-Government
  2. Title and Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  3. Ending Indigenous-specific racism and discrimination
  4. Social, cultural and economic well-being

The actions largely address the Province’s relationship with Indigenous Peoples, a focus that is reflected in the engagement around the draft which is designed to seek input from First Nations communities and leadership, and Indigenous peoples and organizations. Further, many of the actions reflect ongoing or previously announced work by the Province and Indigenous communities, for example a shift towards co-development of long-term agreements.

The only item directly referencing local governments is Action 1.13: “Support inclusive regional governance by advancing Indigenous participation in regional district boards.” This Action was first raised by UBCM membership via resolutions 2018-B150 and OF1. However, many other actions proposed under the plan address issues that may have bearing on local government jurisdiction as they are rolled out, for example those relating to fisheries and forest management.

Although input is focused on First Nations communities and leadership, and Indigenous peoples and organizations, the Province is accepting input until July 31 from other bodies including local governments, as part of the broader engagement.

UBCM will continue to engage with the Province on the implementation of DRIPA, seeking opportunities for input on those issues that have bearing on local government jurisdiction, and seeking clarity on the delineation of responsibilities for local governments. 

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