Asset Management Awareness Day

As part of this year’s Local Government Awareness Week, the proclamation has recognized the importance of asset management, in supporting local governments deliver community services, by proclaiming today Asset Management Awareness Day.

Local Government Awareness Week 2021 (May 16-22) is an ongoing initiative with a goal to generate awareness and educate the public on the roles and responsibilities of local government, and encourage the public to participate in local government processes.  Asset Management Awareness Day recognizes how asset management plays a critical role in the efficient and effective delivery of services that local governments provide to their citizens.  Consistent with the goals of Local Government Awareness Week, public awareness and participation supports effective asset management.

Asset Management BC describes the importance of asset management through the definition of “Sustainable Service Delivery”. Sustainable Service Delivery ensures that current community service needs, and how those services are delivered (in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner), do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Communities build and maintain infrastructure to provide services. These services support our quality of life, protect our health and safety, and promote social, economic and environmental well-being. Failure to care for our infrastructure, manage our natural resources and protect the benefits provided by nature risks degrading, or even losing, the services communities enjoy, and that future generations may rely on.

Sound asset management practices support Sustainable Service Delivery by considering community priorities, informed by an understanding of the trade-offs between the available resources and the desired services.

BC local governments are actively developing and implementing asset management practices to be able to provide cost-effective services to their communities.  In fact, BC local governments are considered leaders in asset management nationally.

For more information on asset management and Asset Management Awareness Day, please visit Asset Management BC or follow them at @AssetMBC on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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