Updated resolutions process for 2020 Convention

With the 2020 UBCM Convention moving to a virtual format, UBCM has adapted this year’s resolutions process.  The following outlines important resolutions information for 2020, and provides some updates and new information since the first article that was published on June 30.

The 2020 virtual resolutions session will be held on Wednesday, September 23 for three hours during the 2020 Convention. The session will feature the consideration of individual resolutions as well as resolutions grouped in “Blocks”. 

UBCM will put forward the following for member consideration:

  • Ten Special Resolutions (SR) will be brought forward for individual consideration. These will reflect timely and important issues for the membership.
    • In advance of Convention, members who wish to propose an amendment to a special resolution may do so in writing.  
    • Proposed amendments must be submitted to the UBCM Executive by 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 22.*
    • If more than one amendment to a resolution is received, the amendments will be dealt with in the order in which they were received.  
    • UBCM’s Parliamentarian will review all proposed amendments, as per past practice.
  • One Block of resolutions recommended to be Endorsed;
  • One Block of all resolutions recommended to be Not Endorsed;
    • All resolutions in a Block are considered together, as presented, with one vote.
    • In advance of Convention, members who wish to pull resolutions from either of the two Blocks for individual consideration (individual consideration because members want to amend the resolution or do not agree with its recommendation) will need to take the following steps:
      • Endorse a motion at a Council or Board meeting requesting removal from the Block;
      • Send the motion, along with the reasons for wanting to pull the resolution from the Block, to the UBCM Executive by noon on Friday, September 18* (the June 30 article had indicated a deadline of September 11, this has now been extended by one week);
      • The UBCM Executive will decide which requests are approved; 
      • Executive approval to pull a resolution will result in an amended Block being presented at Convention; and 
      • Any amendments to either Block will be announced during the Resolutions session.
    • Resolutions pulled from a Block for individual consideration will be Referred to Executive, and not considered during Convention.
  • If there is time remaining, individual consideration of No Recommendation Resolutions will begin. They will be considered in the order in which they appear in the Resolutions Book.  
    • Amendments to No Recommendation resolutions will not be considered.
    • Once the three-hour time period has ended, any No Recommendation resolutions that were not considered will be referred to the UBCM Executive for consideration following Convention, as per past practice. 
  • Late Resolutions (those received after the June 30 submission deadline) will be referred to the UBCM Executive for consideration following Convention. 
  • Off-The-Floor Resolutions will not be permitted. 

Additional information on the procedures during the virtual resolutions session will be provided as the details of the virtual Convention are finalized. Details about how to speak for or against a resolution and about how to vote will be shared in future articles over the summer.

The UBCM Resolutions Book will be available by mid-August. Once ready, it will be posted as a PDF to the UBCM website. UBCM will not be printing and mailing hard copies of the Resolutions Book this year.

Contact Jamee Justason, Resolutions & Policy Analyst with any questions about Resolutions for 2020.

*Note: proposed amendments to the SR Resolutions and motions to remove a resolution from a Block, should be submitted via email to:  UBCM Executive, c/o Jamee Justason, Resolutions & Policy Analyst.

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