UBCM seeks RCMP contract feedback

Article 22 of the 2012 Provincial Police Service Agreement (PPSA) provides RCMP contract partners with a review mechanism to analyze and address any substantive issues, including financial and other significant provisions, at five-year intervals.  As part of the 2021-22 Five Year Review, BC local governments have until February 26, 2021 to submit issues for consideration.

The Five Year Review was established to ensure the policing agreements meet the evolving needs of contract partners, and assists to maintain their currency over the 20-year term. In accordance with Article 21.1 of the Municipal Police Unit Agreement (MPUA), amendments resulting from the review will be applicable to and binding on the MPUA. 

Please be advised that the Five Year Review is governed by guidelines that determine which issues will be included in the review; however, it is important to identify all issues as they may be addressed through other means. Two rules of particular importance are:

1)    For a matter to be included in the Five Year Review, it must be raised by and involve more than one province or territory.

2)    The National Contract Management Committee must agree on the matters to be reviewed and the intent of the review.

At this time, UBCM would like to solicit local government feedback so it may effectively represent local interests to the federal order of government. Local governments wishing to raise issues for consideration as part of the Five Year Review are asked to submit a letter from their council or board outlining the issue(s) of concern to Bhar Sihota, UBCM Senior Policy Analyst, no later than February 26, 2021.

Resources / Background Information

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