UBCM Grant Administration: COVID-19 Update

The administration of provincially-funded grant programs is continuing at UBCM, during the COVID-19 pandemic, including adjudication of intakes that closed before March 15, 2020, review of final reports and processing of all payments.  We are implementing a few changes to ensure fairness and provide additional flexibility during this time.

Where possible, we are moving to electronic correspondence for all grant response letters and payments.

To ensure that all eligible applicants have the opportunity to apply for funding, some current grant intakes may be postponed.  In addition, some current adjudication processes may be extended to ensure all applicants have the opportunity to successfully complete the application process.  Refer to UBCM’s website for current information.

Extensions to project end dates and final report deadlines are available for any approved project impacted by COVID-19.  In addition, extensions are available for all applicants that have applications under review and who may need additional time to meet application requirements. 

To request an extension or discuss the status of any programs, contact the appropriate Program Officer or email lgps@ubcm.ca

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